Company Profile

Wolfe Scott Associates offers a rare combination of craftsmanship and pride in the product with superior project management expertise. The same meticulous attention to detail necessary to build a quality space is the foundation of a thorough and pro-active approach to managing a project.

The firm’s current size is intentional, allowing the principals to not only lead our team, but also actively practice their profession in managing the work. Years of building a dedicated and experienced team have resulted in a group of project managers, cost engineers, superintendents, tradesman and administrative support professionals who excel in their respective disciplines. Professional relationships with leading subcontractors augment our project teams.

Wolfe Scott collaborates well with corporations and institutions throughout the Mid Atlantic Region with similar cultures – those that position themselves as leaders in their own endeavors, and recognize the value craftsmanship and professional construction management can have on building quality environments within established business parameters.

Founded 1968